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It seems that we all got tricked into a warm and early Spring. Parts of April were warm and fuzzy and then came May, which has been just a mix of cold wet Spring like we are used to. I can't complain too much as it means Spring Storms and Surf on Lake Superior. This past week we had a major system move through the midwest calling for 8'11' waves on the Lake Superior. After half a day of prepping, some phone calls, multiple weather checks, lining up a top photographer from Minneapolis, and even finding a lone Hawaiian in Minnesota who was looking to get in on the action, we headed for the north shore. 

 Is is bad to leave work early on a Sunday  to go surf? I don't think so. It's R&D right!? Anyways, I had to test out the new 8' Walden Magic long board I just ordered.  It's the first long board I've ever owned. I've never owned a board longer than 6'4". After a 2. 5 hr drive or so, I pulled up at the pretty well known spot called Lester River just outside Duluth. There were waist high peeling waves coming through with a handful of very stoked surfers out. The rain was light and the break was somewhat sheltered from the gales blowing further out.  I quickly suited up and jumped in!! Surf is surf, whether it's small or huge. It's the water itself that is so soothing, calming, or healing.  I feel truly at peace and one with nature when in the water. So having a place to surf so close to my home is a a real treat.  Plus, the North Shore of Lake Superior and Duluth and all the little towns up the shore are very special.  Here's a great pic that snapped on me showing the lift bridge in Canal Park in the background! More pics and story to come soon. 

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