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It's been a great Sept, Oct, and November! We've been blessed with solid surf throughout the Great Lakes.  Superior has seen it's share of solid swell but Lake Michigan is on a different level right now. They continue to get hit over and over again by big storms that track in the right direction to produce ocean size waves.  Right now,  there are more surfers than ever, headed out in search of fresh water waves.  It's great to see the stoke in the middle of the country.  We are as far away from an ocean than almost anyone, so it's unreal that we get to surf here.  Growing up in Minnesota, I had no Idea there were waves on the Great Lakes.  It honestly never crossed my mind. I always knew I was going to be a surfer, even from a young age, even in a landlocked part of the world.  I kept this little dream of mine in my back pocket and never felt the urgency to chase it down.  I knew it would happen in the right time.  Long story short. I ended up waiting until I was in my early 20's before I paddled onto my first wave. This happened on the complete other side of the world in Tasmania.  I was hooked, just like I knew I'd be.  From that day on, I chased surf around the world. It was non-stop from New Zealand to Hawaii, Fiji, Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Iceland, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Cali and beyond.  One summer I was back in my home state of Minnesota and someone mentioned surfing on Lake Superior. I thought they were joking but was kind of intrigued by it.  So, on a windy day that had the big lake rolling, my father and I headed to Duluth to check it out. I found a clean but small wave off the corner of the jetty at Park Point.  After a quick look, I jumped in the water to give it a go.  A few paddle strokes later I was standing up and turning on this little wave.  I don't know if I've ever been so excited in my life over a wave.  It wasn't the size of the wave or it's exotic location. It was the fact that this was happening 3 hrs from where I grew up.  It honestly blew my mind that this was happening.  It felt like I was dreaming or something.  Fast forward to present day and here we are surfing the Great Lakes like they are the ocean.  We follow the forecasts, chase waves in the craziest weather, meet up with other surfers, plan out the adventures, share the waves, share the smiles.  It's truly an unreal feeling to be surfing waves in our backyard.  We are holding a "Waves Of Winter" Great Lakes Photo Contest on our Facebook page.  We recommend checking it out! Superior Surf

December 01, 2015
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