Happy New Year!

It's now a few days into 2016 and the major holiday's are now behind us. No more crazy rushing around looking for presents, office parties, and consuming  more eggnog than any one human should. It's now time to focus on the year ahead and what it holds for you. Before you or I go making irrational New Year's Resolutions, take a hot moment to sit back and really think about the opportunity that lies in front of us.  This could have been any day back in 2015 but we put this major emphasis on New Year's Resolutions. So just go with it and make this the turning point for something great, something bigger and bolder than you have done before.  This isn't me trying to sell you something, it's me basically writing about what I would want for myself.  How many people are living the lives they really deserve or want? Not many. I see people in situations they do not want to be in.  Do you love your life? Do you love your job? Do love who you are? We are not here on earth to live meaningless lives for someone else, yet most of the people here are just moving through the paces. We are here to be unique individuals following our own path.  Ever since we were little we've been molded into something foreign to us and have been given rules and borders to live by.  It's what society wants.  Maybe you are in your perfect world and have everything you want and you are the person you always wanted to be.  But if you are not, make a change.  Our time here is very very short so please make the most of it.  Don't waste it.  Rise above and follow your own path. Here's to 2016 and making our dreams reality.
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