Inflatable Paddle Boards are the ticket!

What's the newest and hottest thing happening in Stand Up Paddle Boarding? I would have to say Inflatables. The inflatables are so solid and durable that I try to recommend them to just about anyone. This goes without saying to someone who lives in a small space such as a condo, town home, or Apt.  They are easy to store and take up less space than a medium sized suitcase.  I often get asked, "what about durability"? I truly believe our inflatables are among the most durable paddle boards available.  An epoxy board is great but they do get dinged if you aren't careful with them.  Most well-made Inflatables can hold up to almost any abuse one can throw at them. If you have kids and a lot of others wanting to use the board, get an inflatable. Rocks, Docks, Kids, Dogs, Travel, Small storage spaces.  Inflatables are the ticket. That being said, not all inflatables are made the same.  We only sell well-made, durable, inflatables such as Red paddle Co and Starboard.  They are built better than others on the market.  I'm a believer in the old saying, "You get what you pay for"! Check out the closeout 2015 models and the new 2016 models on our site by clicking on the image below.  You couldn't do this with fragile hard boards!

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