Windsurfing Equipment For Sale Minnesota

Windsurfing Equipment and Windsurfing Paddle Boards for Sale in Minnesota. We offer Windsurfing equipment for sale in Minneapolis Minnesota, Brainerd Lakes, Nisswa, and Crosslake.  WindSUPs are a crossover option for paddle boards with the sail. They are great for those who want to take advantage of those windy days when paddle boarding is not ideal.

  • Kona Hula Windsurf Package QUICK VIEW Kona Hula Windsurf Package from $2,060.00

    Kona Hula Windsurf Package


    Kona Hula Windsurf Package.Many unique design features are built into the Hula, stemming from decades of solid teaching experience and are desirable to windsurfing instructors. The board has great stability...
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  • Starboard Classic Sail Package QUICK VIEW Starboard Classic Sail Package $699.00

    Starboard Classic Sail Package


    Starboard Classic Sail Package avail in 5.5m and 6.5m.(1) NEW! RDM mast brings even more lightness and flex to the sail(2) Light Dacron sail for a smooth power delivery and...
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  • Starboard Daybag QUICK VIEW Starboard Daybag $229.00

    Starboard Daybag


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  • Starboard Rio M QUICK VIEW Starboard Rio M $1,295.00

    Starboard Rio M


    The Rios are Starboard’s entry-level and easy progression boards. They’re the most advanced shapes in their segment, including two brand new Long Tail editions, the Rio Long Tail M and...
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  • Windsup QUICK VIEW Windsup $2,049.00



    12’0” X 33” ATLAS WINDSUPThe best compromise between glide and stability, known as the Atlas. A solid platform for even the heaviest riders.The WindSUP are the boards that cover windsurfing...
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