Kona Hula Windsurfing Board

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$1,395.00 $1,495.00


Please Note: this board has been used 2 times. It's in excellent condition but the priced is discounted from a new board because of this. We also have said packages available from a 3m Action Sail Package to a 5.5m Classic sail Package. These have also been discounted because they've been used twice. 

Kona Hula – New learning – progression standard. This new offering from Kona, the Hula is designed to fast track learning how to windsurf that's enjoyable from the first experience. This board provides rapid planing – this enables riders rapid progression into footstrap use as the winds increase. It also glides very efficiently in sub -planing conditions – providing minimal resistance as you sheet in the sail and go. The designers took careful consideration into all details of this board to make it user friendly, efficient and fun to sail. The hull shape at 87.5 wide and 294 cm length is a balance of good stability and glide qualities. This benefits rider confidence in both flat and choppy water conditions. A unique daggerboard provides ample lift and good stability yet is short to minimize depth and excessive lift when down. A short and wide fin is also provided to compliment this daggerboard design. There is a built in nose cone to minimize damage from rig impact.

- AST hull construction.
- Full Eva deck pad
- 264 liters of volume
- 34.4" width
- full EVA deck pad. 
- Multiple footstrap inserts.
- 45 cm Daggerboard – (wide outline)
- Power Box fin system
- 2 fins = 50 cm performance G10, and 36 cm plastic fin.
- 4 fixed length Kona footstraps.

Length 297 cm, width 87.4 cm, Volume 267 liters.

AST / EVA = 

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