Liquid Force 15m Envy Kite-2014

Liquid Force

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Hi,  Here's a like-new condition Liquid Force Envy 15m Kite. It's a 2014 model that has only been flown twice and is in perfect condition. Here's the details.  Comes with Bag, CPR Bar, Pump. 


For 2014, a lot has changed at Liquid Force. The design team took everything that they liked about the Envy, added a whole host of design tweaks, and relentlessly tested all sizes of the 2014 Envy before releasing it for production.

• New One Pump Inflation with MaxFlow Valve
• Compact Bridle w/ direct connect trailing edge bridle
• Split strut
• Kite backpack

What we like:
Liquid Force enlisted the help of a team of material experts to test the breaking strength of all the canopy materials available. They found some pretty surprising results and ended up on a canopy material that is built to last a very long time.

The new Envy retains the stability and easy-of-use characteristics that define this kite. The new changes: (canopy material, split strut, compact bridle and a direct connection on the trailing edge) make the Envy feel lighter and more responsive than previous years. The heaps of advanced wave and wakestyle riders that swear by the Envy are going to love it even more and the beginners will have confidence in buying a kite that they are not going to grow out of.

The new Max Flow pump and Liquid Force Kite bag are nicely improved as well. The pump is some sort of magic pump that allows you to need the same amount of downward force on your first pump as it does on your last pump. This is really helpful for lighter riders that struggle with getting their kites to the proper inflation.

Insider Info:
Even with the improved kite turning speed and light feel, the Envy isn't as fast as the NRG! It's far from slow but if you're looking for a true speedster - make sure you try out the NRG!

The 2014 Envy does not have the "auto" relaunch that years past have had. All beginners that tested the Envy had no issue with relaunch, but we felt it was important to report on the change.

Why you want the 2014 Liquid Force Envy:
The Envy is a spectacular kite for the beginner, the wakestyler and the kite surfer. If that's you, you're going to love the new feel and performance of the Envy. People that hated the Envy now love it. People that loved it, now love it even more!

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