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The Rios are Starboard’s entry-level and easy progression boards. They’re the most advanced shapes in their segment, including two brand new Long Tail editions, the Rio Long Tail M and the Rio Long Tail L.

Contour Deck Shape: as the rider progresses and moves back on the board, windsurfing faster and faster and with more and more power in the sail, the feet line up naturally with the inboard strap positions. The deck of the board is specifically contoured for inboard straps, making the Rios the most comfortable and natural board to learn planing on.
Wide Tail: the Contour Deck system allows the straps to be inboard on a wide-tail design. This wide tail helps improve glide and directional traction thanks to more parallel lines. The wider tail also helps create more planing power.
Bat Wings: the extra wide section of the tail is relatively thin, forming what we call Bat Wings. At low speeds, the wings are below the surface and the water flows along a streamlined path. At higher speeds, the tail rises and as the wings break the water surface, a wide and efficient planing surface is created.
Outline: the S, M and L sizes are 276cm, 290cm and 302cm long, giving a smooth fast glide with plenty of directional traction for beginners to develop the right sensations. Their widths, at 78cm, 81cm and 86cm, offer a blend between stability and glide. The Long Tail versions add extra length behind the fin.
Graphics: the EVA is extra-thick to make it more durable. There is no EVA in the nose and tail area where the boom drags across. The painted blue design is placed above the rail apex where it is less exposed to dings and scratches.
All Rios are available in Tufskin or the heavier, tougher Armour Tech construction. Recommended for school and clubs, the Armour Tech’s double thickness, double layered construction is extra durable. The deck, bottom and rails of the board are reinforced with a thin ASA plastic skin for extra impact and scratch resistance. A non-EVA covered version is also available on order. Rio M Long Tail and Rio L Long Tail also available in School Edition: the same as ArmourTech but all white for easier repairs.

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